• Sewing Masks for Maine

A Few Updates - April 29

It's been a while since we've needed to do one of these! We've been on a roll. Here are few updates to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Good Shepherd T-Shirt Fundraiser: our contact at Maine Makes it Through reported that we have already raised $800 for the Good Shepherd Food Bank with the Rosie the Stitcher swag- incredible! Please continue to share this link on your own pages ☺️ https://teespring.com/rosie-the-stitcher-blk-ink

  • Continuing to Sew for Organizations: our mission as a group has always been to sew for healthcare and public-facing organizations in need, but I am so heartened to see individuals meeting needs in their own communities ❤️ We continue to ask that people follow our patterns and approved materials if you're donating here. They can be found on our website on the Sew Masks page.

  • Leadership Meeting Tonight: we have weekly lead coordinator meetings, and we'll be having another one tonight. I expect we'll have some updates to share with you all about what the next couple of weeks look like tomorrow. So stay tuned!

  • The Happiest News- we have delivered over 13,000 masks! What an incredible impact your tireless work has had on our wonderful state of Maine. Even estimating the number of hours that people have volunteered boggles my mind. You are all so valued and wonderful ❤️

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We have created this website to pool resources and give guidance to people in Maine to sew masks for use in healthcare settings. To be clear, these masks do not protect from COVID-19, and are not considered valid PPE. We are responding to direct requests from healthcare facilities in Maine following the amended "last resort" guidance from the federal CDC.