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Continuing Sewing Opportunities

Updated: May 17, 2020

Though Sewing Masks for Maine is closing our specific effort to provide cloth masks to healthcare providers, the need for masks in our state is only growing. We aren't going to stop sewing and we don't expect many of you to stop either. Here is a list of groups you can join to keep up your efforts, and community organizations that are accepting donations of completed masks directly.

Important note: this list will not be maintained after May 15th, 2020. Each individual stitcher must confirm by checking the listed website or contacting these organizations directly to make sure they are still accepting masks before attempting to donate. We've made sure each one of these listings has some form of contact info that can be checked. These groups have not been vetted by Sewing Masks for Maine admins unless noted in the description.

Sewing Groups to Join

*Relief Crafters of America* We based our system for Sewing Masks for Maine’s on the structure created by Relief Crafters of America, and we recommend them highly. Their mission is the same as Sewing Masks for Maine- getting masks to healthcare providers. While they are a national group, they have regional hubs, and donated masks stay within that hub. They offer opportunities to donate with other crafts for other causes too, such as knitting, crocheting and needle art as well as sewing. All information to sew and donate can be found in their FB group and in the Google Doc link below.

Yarmouth Sewing Warriors

A group of sewers in Yarmouth, Maine who have organized to share resources and distribute face masks to those in need.

Central Maine Crafters Swap

This group is for crafters in Central Maine to help each other out by sharing/swapping/giving craft supplies to each other.

Dover Mask Makers FB Group

Masks for Hancock County Maine FB Group

MDI Helpers Mask Makers FB Group

Maine COVID 19 Mask Makers FB Group

Making Cloth Masks for Maine FB Group

Maine State Music Theatre

They are making fabric face masks for Mid Coast Hospital, which then distributes the masks to family members and partner organizations, including long-term care and independent living communities in the region.

  • If you want to get involved in this effort, contact Amy at rentals@msmt.org.

  • Website

Better Together County FB Groups

Offshoot of Maine Needs that is county specific.

Mid-Coast Pop Up PPE Factory FB Group

Make Masks 2020

Maine Organizations Accepting Donated Masks

Important note: this list will not be maintained after May 15th, 2020. Each individual stitcher must confirm that each organization is still accepting masks before attempting to donate.

Click here to see ongoing drop off locations.

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We have created this website to pool resources and give guidance to people in Maine to sew masks for use in healthcare settings. To be clear, these masks do not protect from COVID-19, and are not considered valid PPE. We are responding to direct requests from healthcare facilities in Maine following the amended "last resort" guidance from the federal CDC.