• Sewing Masks for Maine

Focusing on small size masks

Our coordination process started by filling the most urgent healthcare needs first- hospitals & first responders. These front line workers needed masks large enough to cover their real PPE to extend its life, so we focused on the size medium for a while.

I'm excited to share that we have almost completed the orders we have for those on the front lines! We are now working hard on donations for long term care, assisted living, home health, and other healthcare orgs and community programs. These folks are wearing only the cloth masks to help reduce the spread per the CDC recommendations. So we are putting the focus on small masks right now.

  • We still need both sizes. As always- if you have mediums cut out and in progress please finish them! We will likely see more need from hospitals as we go, so we will definitely still need to have mediums on hand.

  • We need both tie and elastic masks to meet these needs- so keep sewing both. Just remember that we can only accept flat elastic 1/4" or thinner, or round/cord elastic. No t-shirt ties, shoelaces, ribbons etc. as per our frequently asked questions.

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We have created this website to pool resources and give guidance to people in Maine to sew masks for use in healthcare settings. To be clear, these masks do not protect from COVID-19, and are not considered valid PPE. We are responding to direct requests from healthcare facilities in Maine following the amended "last resort" guidance from the federal CDC.